Welcome to the Harmon Knecht Family Foundation!

The Foundation has three areas of emphasis, as it seeks to honor the memory and legacy of four beloved grandparents; Wanda Boyack Harmon, Wilford Glenn Harmon, Ora Knowlton Lee Knecht, and William Peter Knecht. These areas are:

Educational Support

The foundation provides small scholarship support for single mothers seeking to expand or enhance their formal education. Eligibility is limited to single women who have primary child rearing responsibilities, and who are enrolled in post secondary level studies, and who have chosen courses of study which reflect an intent to pursue work which not only fosters their own independence, but which blesses the community in which they reside. Examples would include, but not be limited to Social Services, Psychology, and Education/Teacher credentialing, medical/nursing.

Child and Family Service Organizations

There are many deserving not for profit organizations in any community. The Harmon Knecht Family Foundation provides grants to agencies which provide needed human and social services, while fostering independence, giving back, and accountability from their service participants. Agencies whose missions and purpose capture the creed, Never do for someone what he can do for himself are strongly encouraged to apply for support.

Additionally, the foundation provides direct support in the form of gifts to individuals and families in need. A holiday giving campaign occurs each year, and has blessed the lives to more than 20 persons to date.

Youth Recreation and Athletic Support

Healthy living, including appropriate athletic and team competition fosters positive principles and behaviors in its participants. The foundation provides grants to not for profit and educational institutions that support community-based, values-driven sporting and related activities for youth. These include Little League organizations, non-profit recreational groups, and agencies that demonstrate the values shared by this foundation.


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